Perez, Pablo

The Lovesick God: Answering the Deepest Longing of Your Soul


Imagine the Creator of the universe thinking about you right at this moment. In this beautiful and vivid book, Pablo Perez examines first the human dilemma of spiritual thirst, exploring the water that Jesus offers and how we can really never thirst again. He then outlines the truths of God's love for people and addresses our preconceived notions about how we qualify to receive God's love. Forget those religious ideas of worth and striving! Perez emphasizes the truth that God's love cannot be earned or lost, as well as the incredible reality that His love for us mirrors His love for the Son. Finally, he provides practical insights on how to live with the belief and experience of this God-love as a life-altering reality. In Pablo's own words, "When you truly grasp the secrets revealed by The Lovesick God, you'll experience a freedom you never did before. It will be like radiant rays of light overcoming darkness, or like falling in love all over again, even like beholding the beauty of the Lord and the meaning of eternal life."


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