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Abolishing Abortion How You Can Play A Part In Ending The Greatest Evil Of Our Day

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Rev. Frank Pavone, experienced pro-life activist and leader of one of the nation?s largest and most influential pro-life organizations,?reveals a plan for making life the law of the land. The struggle against abortion in our nation has been going on a long time. Sometimes it seems like an evil that will never go away. People want to get involved?in the fight, but it feels futile, and increasingly the culture?tells Christians to stay out of politics. Longtime activist Rev. Frank Pavone counters this frustrated mindset with challenge, encouragement, plain facts, and a healthy dose of strategy. He explores biblical, moral, historical, and legal reasons Christians belong in the public square and challenges both churches and individual Christians to full engagement. Pavone argues convincingly that the battle against abortion not only?can?be won, but?must be won. The soul of our nation depends on it.


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