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Experiencing Easy Prayer

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One of the greatest tradgedies in human history is the lack of prayer in the Body of Christ.  Satan has fed us a lie that prayer is an excruciatingly painful, religious duty that we must grin and bear for the sake of sacrifice.  We think that if we endure a boring God long enough, He will then be obligated to pay us back by answering our prayers.

In this series, Mike Bickle exposes this lie with a profound teaching from one of the great intercessors - King David. In Psalm 16, David clearly lays out his sytematic theology of how to "continually behold the Lord." He outlines three major dimensions of God's personality that draw our hearts to gaze upon His beauty in prayer. God must first become our portion and our primary reward. For If the goal of intercession is od Himself, then prayer can truly become easy!


4-Part series from 2002 by Mike Bickle

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