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The Cross: Love's Most Sacred Moment

  • By: Hood, Allen
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One of the most glorious expressions of God's love is witnessed in the crucifixion of Jesus. Born to give His life, Christ displayed the depths of the Father's heart in mercy, for the forgiveness of sin, and in righteousness, to strike against sin. What kind of love pierces so deeply, stoops so low, and fights so tenaciously, even to the point of death? Who could have imagined that the Savior of the world, who came with the thunder of a host of angels, would die in a coronation of spit, blood, taunts, scorn, and derision?    

What began in a manger ended with a crucifixion on a Roman cross. We are left speechless in our pursuit of the heart of the God-man and the manifold beauty that has secured our salvation. The soul is exhilarated by the mystery, joy, and anguish, of the Bridegroom, King, and Judge. He is the One who gave everything to win the human heart for voluntary love and delightful communion, and to see the saints arrayed in the greatness of His glory.    

In this six-part teaching, Allen Hood considers the mystery of God's love at its most sacred moment.


6-Part series by Allen Hood:

01 - The Crucifixion of Jesus Part 1

02 - the Crucifixion of Jesus Part 2

03 - Heart of the Matter

04 - The Manifold Beauty of Salvation

05 - The Relentless Pursuit of the Bridegroom

06 - The Delight of the Saints

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