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The Playfulness of God

  • By: Hood, Allen
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Have you ever wondered what the eternal God was doing before the foundation of the world? Before humanity appeared on the scene, what was God doing? Where did the Ancient of Days dwell and what did the Holy One think about? Itís unimaginable, isnít it?    In order to walk in ardent love for God, we must grow in the knowledge of God, the One for whom our souls long. The quality of our spiritual lives depends on this search for truth and what we find. God made us for Himself, and the highest form of joy is to experience Godís revelation upon our hearts.    

Is dealing with sin the sole basis of His interaction with us? If there were no enemies of our soul, what would our relationship with God look like? Can God enjoy us before we are completely sanctified?     

In this four-part series, Allen Hood explores the playful nature of Godís delightful, emotional interaction with His children as He bestows grace on them to grow in Him.


4-Part series by Allen Hood on the Journey of the Heart into Intimacy and the Playfulness of God

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