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Jealousy is a Husband's Fury: The Reality of the Lake of Fire

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  • By: Greaves, Stuart
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Proverbs 6:34 declares that "jealousy is a husband's fury". The profound revelation of the lake of fire flows in and through the bridal paradigm. In this two-part series, Stuart presents the reality of the lake of fire and explains the liberating biblical doctrine of eternal punishment. God is preparing end-time messengers who will preach His heart. Essential to that message is the revelation of the vengeance of God, which flows from His fiery jealousy. In reality, the Bridegroom God, full of love for humanity, is fiercely committed to removing their darkness and sin. In His goodness He does not tolerate the things that keep them from experiencing the fullness of His love. The revelation of the lake of fire is critical to the salvation of the lost and to the equipping of the end-time Church.    

This series is for prophetic preachers and singers who will release messages of the terrifying beauty of Jesus in the midst of the temporal judgments, boldly proclaiming God's eternal punishment of sin as a manifestation of His jealous love.    

Stuart Greaves is Director of the Night Watch at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri. Stuart's vision is to see the beauty of Christ Jesus revealed to the depths of the hearts of the saints establishing the first commandment in the heart of the people of God. Stuart lives in Kansas City with his wife, Esther.

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