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Passion for Jesus 2006 Conference Media

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Passion for Jesus Conference: It is our destiny to live in intimate relationship with God, knowing the depth and delight of being loved by Jesus, our Bridegroom God and, in turn, loving Him with all our hearts. Yet many of us feel that our experience is far from this. Come receive practical instruction and impartation from the Spirit, who empowers the Church to love God wholeheartedly. No matter how weak or strong you feel, regardless of your previous failures, irrespective of your personality, you can be ablaze with passion for Jesus. The Holy Spirit is restoring the first and great commandment to first place in the Body of Christ.


The digital download of this series contains 26 MP3 teachings from the conference:

Session 01 - God's Emotions - Mar. 9th 2pm - Mike Bickle

Session 02 - The Beauty Realm - Mar. 9th 9pm - Mike Bickle

Session 03 - Worshipping in Spirit & Truth - Mar. 10th 9am - Mike Bickle

Session 04a - Counted Worthy - Mar. 10th 2pm - Deborah Hiebert

Session 04b - The Lifestyle of a Leader - Mar. 10th 2pm - Dwayne Roberts

Session 04c - Cultivating Heart of Devotion - Mar. 10th 2pm - Gloria Willard

Session 04d - God's Delight - Mar. 10th 2pm - Matt Candler

Session 04e - God's Tender Mercies - Mar. 10th 2pm - Nate Rogers

Session 05a - Victorious End-Time Bride - Mar. 10th 3:30pm - David Sliker

Session 05b - Our Bridal Identity - Mar. 10th 3:30pm - Benji Nolot

Session 05c - Bridal Intercession - Mar. 10th 3:30pm - Grace Falkner

Session 05d - God's Gladness - Mar. 10th 3:30pm - Nick Comiskey

Session 05e - Leading into Revelation - Mar. 10th 3:30pm - Stuart Greaves

Session 06 - The King is Coming - Mar. 10th 9pm - Allen Hood

Session 07 - Jesus' Pleasure in Worship - Mar. 11th 9am - Derek Loux

Session 08a - Living in a Daniel Context - Mar. 11th 2pm - Randy Bohlender

Session 08b - God's Affections - Mar. 11th 2pm - Jennifer Roberts

Session 08c - Journey of the Bride - Mar. 11th 2pm - Leah Morgan

Session 08d - Beauty of the Bridegroom - Mar. 11th 2pm - Stephen Venable

Session 08e - Praying for Israel - Why? - Mar. 11th 2pm - Wes Hall

Session 09a - The Bridal Message - Mar. 11th 3:30pm - Misty Edwards

Session 09b - Studying the End-Times - Mar. 11th 3:30pm - Kelsey Bohlender

Session 09c - Cry of a Lovesick Heart - Mar. 11th 3:30pm - Alisha Powell

Session 09d - Praying for Israel - How? - Mar. 11th 3:30pm - Jim Maher

Session 09e - God's Zeal for His Bride - Mar. 11th 3:30pm - Shelley Hundley

Session 10 - Paul's Call to Abandonment - Mar. 11th 9pm - Dwayne Roberts

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