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Glad Heart Series for Ages 3-5 Quarter 1: Who Is God

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The Glad Heart Series for ages 3-5 employs beautiful, high quality photographs to capture the attention of young children and teach them God’s Word.  Each lesson is a visual presentation, with 8.5”x11” picture cards containing the lesson material on the back. A creative craft, a fun activity, and a structured prayer time accompany each lesson and are designed to reinforce the lesson and help students apply God’s Word to their lives and the world around them.  The Glad Heart Series for ages 3-5 was created and written by Tracy La Guardia, based on her three decades of ministry to young children.


Quarter 1: Who is God? introduces children to God through six of His Names that He reveals in the Bible.  Children will learn about their Powerful Creator who keeps His promises, heals, provides, shepherds, and loves.  Each lesson teaching a new Name of God is followed by lesson which makes that revelation of God’s nature real and personal to each child.  The message of the gospel is woven throughout these 13 lessons, and children will be drawn near to the Father and Jesus, His Son, as they realize who God is to them and who they are to God. 


With your purchase, you will receive:

  • Lessons 1-13
  • Picture Cards and Craft & Activity Templates for Lessons 1-13
  • Instructions for Lesson Preparation
  • Power Point Presentations for Lessons 1-13


Lesson Summaries:

Lesson 1 – Elohim: God the Powerful Creator (Genesis 1). Lesson 1 introduces the children to God’s Name “Elohim” and explores Elohim’s work on the days of creation through creation of land animals and creeping things on day 6.

Lesson 2 – Elohim: My Creator (Genesis 2, 3). Lesson 2 continues in study of God as Elohim by looking at the creation of Adam and Eve and His personal work in the creation of each child.  The fall and redemption of mankind through Jesus’s sacrifice is presented.

Lesson 3 – YHWH: God’s Covenant Name (Genesis 15). Lesson 3 presents God as YHWH, the One Who has always existed.  The covenant between YHWH and Abram is presented and, married to the eternal nature of God, the resulting promise of eternal life with the eternal God through Jesus Christ. 

Lesson 4 – YHWH: God is a Promise Keeper (Genesis 17, 18). Lesson 4 explores how God keeps the promises He made to Abram through the birth of Isaac, Jacob, and the resulting nation of Israel.  Attention is drawn to God’s ability and faithfulness to keep His promises to us.

Lesson 5 – YHWH Yireh: God Provides (Genesis 22:13, 14). Lesson 5 presents God by His Name “YHWH Yireh” through the story in which God called Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac.  Through God’s intervention and provision, the children learn that God provided His own Son as the sacrifice in our place. 

Lesson 6 – YHWH Provides for Me! (Matthew 6:25-34). After learning that God is a Provider in Lesson 5, Jesus’ teaching on God’s provision from Matthew 6:25-34 is presented to the children to reveal how God is Provider to each of us. 

Lesson 7 – YHWH Rapha: God Heals (Exodus 15:26).  Lesson 7 presents God by His Name “YHWH Rapha” through the story how He healed King Hezekiah.  God is also presented as healer of hearts, the land, and water, and as the restorer of everything that is not right.

Lesson 8 – YHWH Heals Me and Others (Psalms 147).  Lesson 8 applies what the children learn about God in lesson 7 to their lives.  God is presented as the healer of our sad hearts and broken bodies, and the children learn that God will heal others through their prayers.

Lesson 9 – YHWH Rohi: God is My Shepherd (Psalm 23). Psalm 23 is used to reveal how God is a Shepherd, describing His protection, provision, and leadership.

Lesson 10 – YHWH Raah: The Lord Leads Me! (John 10:27). Continuing with the understanding of God as a Shepherd, Jesus is revealed as the Good Shepherd who leads and cares for His sheep now and throughout eternity.  The children learn how Jesus is the door for the sheep, that He knows His sheep, and His sheep hear His voice.

Lesson 11 – YHWH Tsidkenu: The Lord Our Righteousness (Jeremiah 23:6; Luke 18:9-14). The children learn through Jesus’ story of the Pharisee and the tax collector what righteousness is and about the sin that makes them unrighteous.  The children are taught that only God can make us righteous through the sacrifice of Jesus. 

Lesson 12 – YHWH Loves Me! (Jeremiah 29:11). Lesson 12 explores God’s everlasting love for His children, which never stops or changes.  The children learn that God thinks good thoughts about them and has good plans for them.

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