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The Anna Calling

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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In this two-part teaching, Mike Bickle expounds on the calling of an intercessor who longs to minister to the Lord and to others.  Teaching from Luke 2:36-38 on the life of Anna, Mike calls forth those with an 'Anna Calling', inspiring them to seek the Lord in the context of night-and-day prayer that leads to practical outreach to others.

Anna was the first in the New testament to bring three aspects of the grace of God together in one life-prayers, prophetic ministry, and leading people to Jesus.  Anna was an elderly Jewish widow who prayed in the temple just prior to Jesus' first coming, empowered by the grace of God to spend long hours in His presence for many years.  She devoted decades of her life to prayer and fasting as the foundation from which she touched other lives through her prophetic and evangelistic ministry.  She is an inspiration to those whom the Spirit is calling to take up prayer and fasting as the heart of their primary occupation in the kingdom of God.

Called to a life of prayer and ministry to others-although the very idea of spending much time in prayer did not appeal to him as a young believer-Mike shares lessons he has learned and practical ways to sustain a life of enjoyable prayer, growing in the knowledge and love of God.


2-Part series from 1999 by Mike Bickle

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