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The Power of a Focused Life: Managing Our Time for the Glory of God

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If the Word of God is living and active, why are so few Christians consistently feeding on it?  Sadly, many believers are ministering out of memories, and relying on yesterday's encounters with God to keep their hearts alive.  Our times with God are often little more than bringing a list of requests, an empty exercise of words; we can feel as if out prayers shoot as high as the ceiling and then bounce back unheard and unaswered.

God created us for relationship.  Intimacy with jesus is not based upon hours of intellectual study of the Bible; reading the Word was intended to be a dialogue.  No kingdom activity can substitute for conversing with Jesus through the Word of God in a dynamic conduit of encounter.  This teaching series will help you develop a life in the Spirit and an overflowing heart, as you learn to encounter the Man Christ Jesus in the written Word of God.


4-Part series from 2014 by Mike Bickle

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