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False Justice: Unveiling the Truth About Social Justice

  • By: Greaves, Stuart
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False Justice specifically calls for a paradigmatic shift in the way most people think about justice. Having a right paradigm of fairness is crucial to withstanding the type of deception that is rapidly permeating our culture today. False Justice equips you with the Christ-focus and the biblical backing needed to form a right and godly mindset regarding social justice. Distinct from other Christian books about social justice, False Justice has a Christ-centric focus. It defines justice in relation to Jesus Himself, and doesn't simply suggest methodologies. It calls for a change in the foundational paradigm of justice, tells how Jesus intends to bring godly justice upon the earth, and reveals how the message of the gospel is the message of justice. False Justice brings you closer to God by clearly revealing His desire for righteousness, honesty, and integrity in the earth, setting Christ as the ultimate vision of justice and calling you to set your attention solely on Him.


151 pages


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