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The Person & Ministry of the Holy Spirit - Student Manual


The Person & Ministry of the Holy Spirit – Student Manual was created for Kansas City Signs &

Wonders Camps to introduce children and youth ages 8 and up to the Holy Spirit. Since 2015, it has been taught at children’s camps and conferences world-wide by leaders from the Children’s

Equipping Center.


Through five lessons, students will learn who the Holy Spirit is, what His assignment is, and what are some of the ways He works in and through their lives. The student manual is designed so that it can be taught by a teacher or completed by students on their own. Each lesson begins by introducing the concepts for that lesson with supporting Bible verses. Journaling questions at the end of each lesson help students to organize their own understanding of the Bible verses and apply the teachings in their own lives. Our prayer is that children and youth will not only gain knowledge of the Holy Spirit through this manual, but also develop a real and vibrant relationship with Him that allows them to minister in His power and bear His fruit in their lives.


- Lesson 1: Person of the Holy Spirit - When Jesus rose from the dead and went to heaven, He did not leave us alone or abandon us. He promised a Helper to be with and live inside all who believe in Jesus.  John 14: 16-18

- Lesson 2: Assignment of the Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit is called to come and be with us and help us. The main assignment of the Holy Spirit is to make Jesus known to us and through us to others.  John 16:14

- Lesson 3: Power to Witness - The Great Commission is what we call Jesus’ plan to spread His good news throughout the whole world. It is a very big task, and Jesus knew we would need some help.  Acts 1:8

- Lesson 4: Praying for Healing - Jesus gave His disciples authority and power to heal the sick, cleanse lepers, raise the dead and cast out demons. God gave these signs of healing and deliverance to confirm the preaching about Jesus that the disciples were doing.   Matthew 10:5-8

- Lesson 5: Dreams, Visions, & Prophecy - God has made a promise to pour out His Spirit on girls and boys, young and old, rich and poor, that we would prophesy, see visions, and dream dreams. This promise is for you, and this promise is for today.   Acts 2:17-18


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