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Releasing Children in Praise and Power

  • By: LaGuardia, Lenny
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How do we release children in praise and power? This six-part series from IHOPKC's Children's Equipping Center offers practical examples of how to teach children about the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit and about intercession using the harp and bowl model of prayer and worship.

Lenny LaGuardia and Wes and Carol Hall have all been leaders at IHOPKC for over ten years, where worship-based prayer and ministry to the Lord have been ongoing since September 1999. At the Children's Equipping Center at IHOP-KC, it is our mission to see children equipped and empowered to walk in the character, power, and knowledge of God now and in the future. With this as our goal, the question arises, "How then shall we release and equip children?"

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