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Glad Heart Series for Ages 1-2 Quarter 4: Jesus Is Coming Back

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The Glad Heart Series for ages 1-2 employs visual and tactile materials and songs set to familiar tunes to capture the attention of young children and teach them God’s Word.  The same material is presented each week for 13 weeks, as very young children need repetition and review to master new vocabulary words and ideas.  Craft templates and instructions are provided for creating a unique craft each week, which reinforces the objectives of the lesson.

In Quarter 4: Jesus is Coming Back children will learn that Jesus is returning to the earth at the sound of a trumpet, on a cloud, and every eye will see Him.  They will discover Jesus the King, riding triumphantly on a white horse, returning for them!  The children will get excited for His return as they learn about and “experience” each of the rewards Jesus has promised in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 to those who overcome: eating from the tree of life, the crown of life, hidden manna, a white stone with a new name, ruling with Jesus over the nations, clothed in white garments, made a pillar in His temple, His name on their foreheads, and sitting with Jesus on His throne.  They will learn about the New Jerusalem and gain hope for the day when every tear is wiped away.  The lesson ends with the children learning to pray, “Come, Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20).


A. Physical 

1. Sensory – the curriculum employs the use of all five senses through three-dimensional visuals.

2. Self-control and sitting still - as they sit at a table for a 20-minute period during the lesson while visuals and songs keep their attention.

3. New words are introduced and vocabulary is expanded as Biblical ideas are explained for a young child’s understanding

4. Fine motor skills/Coordination – each lesson has a craft designed specifically for this age group

5. Children will play and pretend as they learn Biblical truths

B. Emotional

1. Hopeful anticipation, joy, and excitement are some of the emotions that are conveyed to the children about Jesus’ return

2. The concept of rewards motivates children

3. Learning about Jesus’ return from God’s Word is fun and safe - as they learn from an adult they trust.

C. Social

1. Sharing and patience - as children take turns and watch other children manipulate or experience the visuals. 

2. Nurturing relationship - develops between adults and the children, in which the children learn that adults teach them good things about God.


A. God - He will wipe away every tear

B. Jesus

1. He returns at the last trumpet.

2. He will be coming with the clouds.

3. He will be riding on a white horse.

4. Every eye will see Jesus.

5. Jesus is coming back for a bride made ready who is looking to Him. 

6. Jesus rewards those who look to Him. 

7. He will give a white stone with a new name written.

8. Jesus gives us authority over the nations.

9. His name will be written on our forehead. 

10. Jesus will grant those who overcome to sit with Him on His throne. 

C. Holy Spirit - The Spirit and the Bride say come.

D. Church

1. The church is the Bride of Christ.

2. Jesus said He went to prepare a place for us. The children will learn about the New Jerusalem, the eternal city that will come out of heaven from God to the earth for His Church to live in.


A. 1 Thes 4:16 

B. Rev 1:7

C. Heb 12:2

D. Rev 2:7

E. Rev 2:10

F. Rev 2:17

G. Rev 2:26

H. Rev 3:12

I. Rev 3:21

J. Rev 21:4

K. Rev 21:10

L. Rev 22:17


A. Prayer – children learn to agree with the prayer of the Spirit and the Bride, “Come!”

B. Worship – spontaneous worship results when the children learn of Jesus’ plan to return for them and the good plans He has for them

C. Great Commission Evangelism – learning of His return lays a foundation which will prepare them as future messengers to tell others of Jesus’ return


D. About their Parents/Siblings – children will learn that they are brothers and sisters in Christ with their family members, all part of the Bride of Christ

E. About their Peers/Others - – children will learn that they are brothers and sisters in Christ with their family members, all part of the Bride of Christ


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