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Onething Live 2010: Before His Eyes

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A record number of 25,000 young adults gathered in December 2010 at our IHOPKC annual Onething young adult conference. Before His Eyes (Live) captures worship songs from this conference and features nine of our worship leaders, offering a clear taste of the diverse worship styles that have been borne out of IHOPKC's twelve years of worship and prayer.

Jaye Thomas, with two tracks on the album, notes: "Leading at the Onething conference with 25,000 believers gathered in worship is, for me, a tiny glimpse into what it will be like when Isaiah 24:16 is fulfilled, which proclaims 'From the ends of the earth we hear songs, "Glory to the Righteous One."'"

Jaye is joined by fellow IHOPKC worship leaders Misty Edwards, Laura Hackett Park, Cory Asbury, Matt Gilman, Justin Rizzo, Audra Lynn, Luke Wood, and Jon Thurlow on an eleven-song tour of some of the most evocative moments of worship at the conference. Jaye kicks the album off with "Only One," a passionate, high-energy song that's sure to engage the listener from the get-go. Successive tracks showcase the distinct sounds characteristic of the nine worship leaders. Matt Gilman gives a meditative take on "As The Deer," building the song through yearning choruses, while Laura Hackett Park's "I Feel His Love" reflects modern singer-songwriters such as Sara Groves in tone, while delivering her own intimate lyrical voice. Misty Edwards contributes the focused and intense "To Be with You," a declaration of desire to be in God's presence. Jon Thurlow's "Strong Love" brings a blue-eyed soul approach to worship, while the album-closing "Reason To Dance" from Cory Asbury follows the ringing in of the new year, with a celebratory closing that is an appropriate, upbeat book-end to Jaye Thomas's opener.

Track List:

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