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Onething Live 2008: Holy to the Lord

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Longing to be fascinated with the eternal God, thousands of young adults come together for the Onething Conference every December in downtown Kansas City. Recorded live at the conference, Holy to the Lord (Live) features extravagant and energetic worship. The ministry of Onething is based on the desire to behold the beauty of the Lord forever. Those who attended the conference dedicated themselves to encountering the glory of God by taking four days to be before Him in prayer and worship. Holy to the Lord (Live) will take you into powerful moments of adoration and allow you to partake in gazing upon the beauty of Christ Jesus.

A variety of worship leaders from the house of prayer are featured on Holy to the Lord (Live). Eddie James has two songs on the album, "Freedom" and "Lion of Judah." Eddie's team sings with passion and energy as they declare the freedom and hope that Christ alone can bring to the human soul. Misty Edwards aso features two of her songs, ""You Won't Relent" and "All-Consuming Fire," melodic prayers for God to come and be the fire inside our hearts. The crowd is aptured on Justin Rizzo's song "Found Faithful," as young adults declare their desire to remain steady unto the end. Luke Wood debuted his song "Set Your Seal Upon My Heart," which proclaims the intimate call from the Song of Songs and asks God to be the seal of love on our hearts.

Track List:

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  • MP3 Download - Track 2 - Above Every Other Name - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 3 - Holy - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 4 - You Won't Relent - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 5 - All-Consuming Fire - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 6 - Lion of Judah - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 7 - Found Faithful - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 8 - Set Your Seal Upon My Hea - $1.29
  • MP3 Download - Track 9 - See Me Through - $1.29

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