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Pursuit of the Holy (Live)

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Every year, 15,000 young adults gather together in downtown Kansas City between Christmas and New Year for the Onething conference. Their desire: to sit at the feet of the Lord and see His beauty. Pursuit of the Holy (Live) is a DVD/CD package that features passionate and energetic worship recorded live at the Onething 2006. The DVD also contains an introduction and testimonies from some of the key speakers and worship leaders from the conference, including Dwayne Roberts, Corey Russell, Misty Edwards, and Merchant Band. This DVD/CD highlights four teams that serve at the International House of Prayer.

It includes Merchant Band's "You Love Me Forever," singing about the Lord's great delight and zeal to save us. The previously unreleased "My Soul Longs for You" from Misty Edwards speaks of the longing of the human heart for God alone, and how He answers our thirst with the rain of His Spirit. Luke Wood's "Picture of Your Love" was featured on Forerunner Music's Constant CD. Luke sings about the faithfulness of the Lord in this live version of the song. David Brymer covers Clay Edwards' "Restoration," declaring that God replaces our pain and sorrow with His joy, and makes all things new. This DVD/CD will stir your affections to passionately pursue the Lord in the beauty of His holiness and set your eyes and heart on one thing.

"The Pursuit of the Holy (Live) DVD/CD set is great and has already become a favorite of mine! It is great worship music with some of IHOPKC's most beloved worship leaders; having the DVD allows you to worship right along with them and experience the event—very cool!" —Mike Bickle


  1. You Love Me Forever (Merchant Band)
  2. My Soul Longs for You (Misty Edwards)
  3. Always on His Mind (Misty Edwards)
  4. Wonderful Savior (Merchant Band)
  5. Picture of Your Love (Luke Wood)
  6. Restoration (David Brymer)
  7. Finally I Surrender (Misty Edwards)
  8. Come and Let Your Presence (Merchant Band)
  9. Servant of All (Misty Edwards)
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