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Only A Shadow: Live at Onething 2012

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  • By: Edwards, Misty
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Only a Shadow captures Misty Edwards and team in a raw, fervently energetic, live worship concert. Recorded amongst a sea of onething conference-goers, the album features primarily new songs with a handful of familiar tracks from her past decade of worship releases. The album is framed between themes of the Father's love and the resulting pledges of unwavering devotion fueled by this love, sustaining endurance and imparting vision for eternity amidst earthly trial.

As is typical of Misty's signature style, both soaring and subdued vocals bear the same provoking, soul-stirring potency. Her penchant for cutting through embellishment to reveal the heart of a matter shines through in each track, resonating beautifully in this vast atmosphere of worship. Only a Shadow invites the listener to encounter the eternal Source of light from whom the foreshadowings of this age are cast.

This is Misty Edwards' seventh studio album, released in 2013.

Track List:

1. Ezekiel 1 (Spontaneous)

2. Baptize My Heart

3. Only a Shadow

4. Shine Like the Stars

5. When You Think of Me

6. Selah (When You Think of Me)

7. God Is Love

8. I Will Waste My Life

9. Do You Know the Way You Move Me (Spontaneous)

10. Pour My Love on You

11. I Give it All

12. You Set Your Love on Me

13. I Love Your Ways

14. Between the Cherubim

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