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The Year Of The Lord's Favor: A Prophetic Message to America

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  • By: Hibbs, Darren
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You remember where you were on 9/11. You watched on television, or you saw it with your own eyes. You can't ever forget. In The Year of the Lord's Favor, Darren Hibbs will tell you what you didn't see. No, this isn't a conspiracy theory about who actually brought the buildings down, but a supernatural explanation of why they came down and what is coming next. If you ever asked, "Where was God on September 11th?," this book is for you. God cared deeply about what happened on that day, and this book is a description of how deeply He cares about what is coming soon. In our nation's rush to heal and recover from such a terrible tragedy, few people slowed down long enough to ask God's opinion about what to do next. In that rush, we started working on a new building that stood sybolically for the changes America was undergoing. The Lord spoke to Darren Hibbs in March 2003 about that building and what it would mean to America when it was completed, which happened in 2015. Since 2001 we have watched America change in many ways for the worse. This book will give you clarity on why and what to do about it.



228 pages

ISBN: 0988919516


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