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Simple Devotion

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Simple Devotion: Worship from the IHOPKC NightWatch is a twelve-song, eleven-artist collection of songs from this dedicated group of worshipers. Simple Devotion, mellow and inspiring, represents the heart of our nightly worship and intercession. Justin Frederick’s “I Trust You,” Sada Rogers’s “Teach Me,” Emily Bisinger’s “Fascinated,” and Elizabeth Bedford’s “Find a Friend” maintain an atmosphere of devotion that one can easily imagine carrying a group of worshipers though the early morning hours, before Sarah Edwards closes the album with “I Am Loved by God,” a beautiful benediction at the end of the night.

Track List:

  1. Servant in the Night
  2. Blessed Be Our God
  3. You Uphold
  4. Song of Love
  5. Wounded One
  6. High Priest
  7. It’s My Joy to Love
  8. Trust You
  9. Teach Me
  10. Fascinated
  11. Find a Friend
  12. I Am Loved by God
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