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Promises and Prayers

What started with a comet, bold prophetic words, and the internal audible voice of God to a young pastor has grown into a global prayer movement with over 20 years of night-and-day prayer with worship.

Join Mike Bickle as he recounts IHOPKC’s prophetic history, including key people and events that have shaped the ministry. This 10-session series includes Mike’s first meeting with Bob Jones, words about stadium Christianity, healing anointing, the great end-time revival, and more.

10 sessions include:

  1. Intro to Bob Jones, Paul Cain, and End-Time Revival
  2. Great Change and Revival Are Coming to the Church
  3. The Early Days and the Solemn Assembly in May 1983
  4. A Procession to the Stadium, Chariots, and the Sands of Time
  5. Healing Anointing: Jehovah Rapha, and other Visions
  6. Powerful Preaching, the Spirit of Prayer, and the Harvest
  7. Song 8:6, Hephzibah, God’s Beauty, and Jesus in Red
  8. The Blueprint Prophecy and the Black Horse
  9. Joseph’s Dungeon, Zechariah 4, and the Royals
  10. Financial Miracles, and Promises of Economic Blessing



See comments from our family and friends on how the IHOPKC Prophetic History has inspired them.

(Comments from August 2019; Most of these statements have been shortened or edited for length)


Current IHOPKC Staff Testimonials

"Stories are the threads that knit together the heart of the people to the purposes of God. These stories, to me, are more than wishful, hopeful realities. They are my children’s inheritance. Hearing them inspires hope and fosters courage in an environment where discouragement and fatigue are familiar friends. They cause me to reach for the “how much more” through the Holy Spirit so that we hand the next generation something beyond what is expected or familiar." -Isaac Bennett

"Though always deeply encouraging, more than anything, [the prophetic history] brings sobriety before the Lord as to what this assignment means to God. Whenever I go back to all the supernatural activity that accompanied our beginnings at IHOPKC, and then look at all that is yet to be fulfilled, I tremble. I’m strengthened to persevere until the end. He is really serious about it and is looking for our sober response. Such epic beginnings were not an accident but necessary for where it’s going. He will complete the work He began as we wholeheartedly respond to His grace." -Dana Candler

"I am amazed by how much time and effort the Lord put into helping Mike Bickle and this movement understand aspects of its specific assignment. When you listen to the prophetic history, there are so many pointed; intimate; detailed; supernatural; practical; insightful; encouraging; and challenging things shared by the Lord with this movement. Hours and hours of them! So many of them have been fulfilled; and so many yet to be fulfilled. I take time to relisten to the prophetic history at least once a year. I find them encouraging and faith building, because I know they speak of my story and promises, not just Mike Bickle’s. The Lord wanted us to know His thoughts toward us and to better understand our corporate ministry assignment as a family; and He wanted to invite us into partnership in an intimate way with His heart. I love that!" -John Chisholm 

"Our prophetic history has helped me to persevere and not quit pressing in for the fullness of what God has promised us as a spiritual family. It helped affirm what God was doing in my heart and connect it to a larger story line where I could be connected to a company of people who were also stirred in this way. It helped me find my place. When I heard it, I knew it was the same work God was doing in me, even if I didn’t understand how the distinct elements of the prophetic history all worked together— the Great Commission, night-and-day prayer, the salvation of Israel, the bridal paradigm, the end times, and much more. I did not see how they connected, but I knew they were important to God. After some time, they all converge together as one large story line." -Brian Beeson

"Our prophetic history gives me an incredible sense of sobriety about what we are doing. If He has orchestrated so many details in such specific ways throughout our history, then this is more serious and more important to Him than we may fully grasp. Every time I hear our prophetic history it gives me fresh courage and vision to do what we do every day, and it gives me incredible confidence in His sovereignty. We are part of something He is orchestrating, and the outcome depends on His strength and not our brilliance, skill, or ability. He has invited us into this part of His story and more. He is leading us where He wants to go—our weakness will not derail His plan. Some people have more confidence in human failure than God’s leadership, and our prophetic history shatters that idea. It reminds me of the dignity of the mundane day-to-day things that we do in seeking and serving Him. What can seem “ordinary” or “mundane” is in fact part of a massive story the Lord has carefully orchestrated." -Samuel Whitefield

"I remember the conflict within my own soul in my understanding of the Church in the late '90s. When I was given a copy of the prophetic history, I was searching diligently for some hope for the Church. I remember driving down the road listening to the prophetic and needing to pull over on the side of the road because I was hearing plainly that there was a place where God was stepping into the lives of a people that were not caught up in the cloud of a man's idea. The reality of the God of my salvation was not just in the sweet by-and-by alone but it was actually happening in the nasty now-and-now!" -Craig Steinle

"I listened to the prophetic history in 2009 and was deeply touched to hear of the Lord saying, “Is there a prayer room in town where young men can find deliverance?” When I listened to the prophetic history, my ministry dreams made sense because I believed that He was going to raise up a mighty youth army and much more. We have to engage with such glorious promises and step into them. Because the Lord delights in His people, He will heal them, deliver them, and raise them up as a spotless Bride. It’s important for everybody in our spiritual family to be familiar with our prophetic history, but it is particularly important for the worship leaders to be familiar with it—since they are at the tip of the arrow in leading our prayer meetings." -Katy Cerny

"It started for me in 2007. I was crying out, “God, is there anybody out there who is diligently seeking the Lord?” I felt alone. Shortly after that a friend gave me the IHOPKC prophetic history from 2002. We devoured all twelve CDs and wanted more. We began daily watching the live webstream of the prayer room. In 2009, we heard of IHOPKC's commitment to do 24/7 works of justice—contending for 10,000 orphans to be touched by the spirit of adoption as declared in Malachi 4:6. We were provoked to press in this more as we heard the prophetic history and encountered the Lord's heart for children." -Denny Thybault

"When I first was told about the prophetic history, I watched eight sessions of it in one day. I couldn't believe that God would write such an incredible story. Because God brought me to IHOPKC so sovereignly, it immediately felt like my story and inspired me to go after these promises. Why? The prophetic history sets the story line and puts our place in it into the right perspective. The stories are deeply personal but are set with a global backdrop that the whole Church can enter into. It helps us make sense of why there is warfare around us, and it helps me to keep pressing in even when it is hard." -Jakob Pilz 

"The IHOPKC prophetic history has been a tremendous encouragement to me in my journey as an intercessory missionary. The stories help my heart to stay connected to the bigger picture of what God is doing and to the role that our little IHOPKC community gets to play in the Lord's grand plan. Reconnecting to that big picture elevates my perspective and gives purpose to the rigors of the day." -Caleb Edwards

"Just before my wife and I moved to Kansas City to join IHOPKC in 2002, we listened to the 1997 Prophetic History series. We wept in our car as we listened. There's something about paradigm-shifting prophetic stories of God moving among His people today that strengthens our faith and fascination in a powerful, personal way. These stories connected me to Jesus in a new and beautiful way, and they highlight things that matter so much to the Lord—they strengthen our resolve to persevere over the years in light of our human weakness. Over the years, our prophetic history has served to keep me in the story when we were tempted to quit. The fulfilled promises that point to "the promises yet to come" continually realign my heart to get above the challenges, to keep my eyes on where we are going together and what this is all really about in the Lord’s bigger picture. This is part of our story and our children's story. I LOVE THIS STORY." -David Sliker

"Our prophetic history demonstrates to me how intimately involved God is with His purposes on the earth. He is leading us, calling us, pursuing us, and demonstrating Himself to us over and over again through many signs and wonders to show His commitment and involvement with us. Our prophetic history proves to me how zealous He is for us and how much He wants us as a part of His purposes. And it reminds me that I am a part of a far-bigger story than just me or IHOPKC. God is doing something on the earth in our day in which He is using IHOPKC to be part of (if we respond in obedience). Our prophetic history reminds me of how big and noble my assignment is in the mundane activities of life. It also constantly amazes me of how big and awesome God is to do the things He did in our day. It's not ancient Bible stories—it's real words being spoken and flushed out in my generation. God is still speaking and still cares. It's important for staff and family to see ourselves in the prophetic story line. It reminds us that we are not just laboring for some vague, distant revival in our city, but for very real purposes which God promised in the Scriptures and is wanting to answer in our day." -Nathan Steele

"When I hear our prophetic history, it makes me feel part of the story in a deep way. It provokes me, encourages me in seasons when I’m tempted to draw back or quit, and helps us realign our hearts as a family as we remember all that the Lord said. I believe it’s profoundly important for all who are called here to take time to hear what the Lord said about us and the lifestyle and values He has invited us to embrace." -Dane Mallernee

"Hearing our prophetic history keeps these promises and the narration of God close to our hearts as we journey as a community together to contend for the lost, our city, and the nations to see the beauty of God! More than anything, it helps to keep my heart in the fight!" -Glenn Smithson

"[Our prophetic history] connected me both to the transcendence and the immanence of God. [The truth] that He is both great and near is apparent in how this is a greater story, going beyond our tiny expression, but [He] told us about our part to play in it." -Ruben Cervantes Jr.

"The prophetic history consistently reminds us that our ministry expression—24/7 prayer with worship, the emphasis on the first commandment, and much more—was not our idea. When it gets difficult in the smallness or due to the obstacles, our prophetic history reminds us that the Lord is with us—fighting for our destiny. I no longer feel the pressure to make things happen, knowing that these things were the Lord’s idea, and He therefore will see it to completion. That is exciting, freeing, and sobering." -Zachary Van Buren

"When I hear our prophetic history, I hear how Jesus specifically planned for me and my family to be part of the IHOPKC journey. Mike shared about making a deal with God in 1999 when starting IHOPKC, saying: “Lord, I need leaders, but I’m not getting on planes to go recruit them, because I don’t know who or what I will need. You have to send them!” At the very time that Mike prayed that in 1999, the Lord sent my family home to Calgary from the mission field in Poland and then to Kansas City. I see how God planned for us to be here. He answered part of Mike’s prayer for leaders by sending us and others here—this gives me confidence that the Lord loves me and considered IHOPKC as the place for me to develop in leadership for my ministry." -Dale Anderson

"Hearing our prophetic history has strengthened me in my personal walk with the Lord by stirring my faith to believe what He says will happen, not just for IHOPKC but in His Word and in His plans to touch the nations. There is an excitement when I hear the prophetic history that makes me say yes again and again to what and where the Lord has placed me. I find myself standing in awe at the leadership of the Lord, and it causes me to adore Him." -Sarah McNulty 

"The IHOPKC prophetic history builds and sustains our faith while our family gives our all to 24/7 prayer and worship. The prophetic history releases grace in the day-to-day to press in with full expectation of what the Lord is doing and what He's about to do." -Steven Smith

"When we first heard the KC prophetic history in 1988, we lived on the East Coast; we could not find a prayer meeting anywhere. We were fascinated to hear of prophecy being for today, intimacy with God, and the day-and-night prayer that was prophesied to come unto "a great world harvest." What attracted us most was the sense of being "a people after God" and living as "a people before God." We moved 1,500 miles to Kansas City and found that we had been swept into a movement of God. Each of our children came into leadership in the movement—that made it “worth it all.”" -Kirk and Dee Bennett 

"My wife and I have had the privilege to be a part of God's purposes for the last 40 years of ministry in context to the AoG, Vineyard, and YWAM. These last 10 years in IHOPKC have been some of the most exciting years as we have watched the unfolding of His prophetic promises right before us. As the leadership of IHOPKC has been faithful to keep our prophetic history before our eyes, it has given us fire in our bones that we are a part of Jesus’ testimony in this very day! If each of us will take to heart that each one is so significant in their own way, each one sowing an important seed in this coming harvest, then it would strengthen our hands in the glorious task of the Great Commission and the coming of Jesus!" -Dave Arnold

"These prophetic stories carry wisdom for today and bring clarity for what we are going through right now. Every time my wife and I take time to listen, we are encouraged with excitement for where we are today!" -David Malone

"Our prophetic history gives us strength as we serve in the house of prayer, and it aligns us to various kingdom values that are emphasized in IHOPKC’s ministry assignment from the Lord. Our prophetic history is not only for the IHOPKC staff but it is also for people who serve in houses of prayer across the nations. Our prophetic history gives me encouragement to keep going strong and to not draw back nor give up." -Nicole Kim

"As I've listened again to our prophetic history recently, it's given me an increased confidence in my belonging here and that God has a clear and wise plan for our future. It's not just IHOPKC's prophetic history, it's my family's prophetic history. It's mine! If I don't know my spiritual family’s history, and if I don't spend time remembering it, then I can easily forget where I came from and quickly lose my way. I need to know my story to keep focus, to keep resolve, and to keep away from pride." -Yo Herman

"Our prophetic history has reassured me that God sees us (He sees our labors and hears our every prayer) and that He massively cares about us—so much so that He went “out of His way” to prophetically tell us these things ahead of time. Thus, I am assured that He will bring to pass everything that He has said—that His people will operate in the fullness of the Spirit as a victorious end-time Bride." -Gabrielle Nunez-Bootsma 

"Hearing our prophetic history over the years and watching it unfold in various ways has helped to anchor my heart in the story line of eternity. It has been a source of encouragement in my own journey, as a backdrop to the various seasons of life as I seek to respond to the Lord in light of the "big picture."" -Ruth Abadir

"IHOPKC's prophetic history has always bolstered fresh faith in me. It's a reminder of God's sovereignty in establishing His house of prayer—not only in Kansas City but throughout the earth. When I think about the signs and wonders that have accompanied this movement, I feel confident that He will continue to sustain His house until He returns." -Jason Carr

"When I first heard the prophetic history in January 2000, I was blown away by the fact that God is still doing in our day the stuff that He did in the Bible times. In Mike’s first meeting with Bob Jones, Bob mentioned how the signs in the heavens would confirm the prophetic words spoken (Acts 2:17-19). I could begin to see for the first time how the prophetic anointing might operate in the end-time church. Our prophetic history is very personal in encouraging my life and ministry." -Kyle Meythaler

"Our prophetic history gives me hope for the future, it helps me see beyond my little world with all of its complications, difficulties, and heartaches. It reminds me that there is a God in heaven who is on our side, who is for us, and who has chosen us to partner with Himself in a great adventure that will come to pass. It's just a matter of time." -April Lenci

"Since my youth, I’ve had deep impressions from the Lord about being involved in ministry that operates in presence worship, massive healing power, preaching with unction, and power manifestation. I thought this was just me, and I questioned those impressions as I had no language for them until I came to IHOPKC and heard the prophetic history. It wrecked me and kept me going over all these years because I know they are true." -Shady Abadir

"The Lord has always cared about the house of prayer, since Genesis 12 and Exodus 19. Thus, IHOPKC’s prophetic history reminds me that the Lord still cares deeply about the prayer movement and that He is ready and willing to do it with whoever is willing." -Rob Parker

"Our prophetic history has been encouraging—hearing stories about the comet and “the first day of spring, when the snow melts” reminds me that the Lord started IHOPKC, not us. This encourages me that we’re doing something right. However, some of the unfulfilled promises can be discouraging in the time of waiting. I listen carefully every time Mike shares these prophetic stories because they bring clarity and remind me to be encouraged and more." -Joseph Ritchie

"I first listened to the prophetic history when I was 20 years old—something inside me came alive, as if my own personal future was deeply connected to IHOPKC’s corporate future. Our prophetic history stirs me up on several levels to contend for the fullness of God in this generation that is for the Body of Christ to see the greatest harvest of souls in human history before the Lord returns. We must be reminded of how the Lord was zealous to establish “24/7 prayer in the spirit of the tabernacle of David.” This is not Mike Bickle’s idea, it is God’s idea. This is not Mike Bickle’s dream, it's the Lord's dream." -George Lightwood

"In December 2016, we moved to KC to be a part of IHOPKC in response to a personal divine visitation. Once I arrived, I listened to the prophetic history online. It GALVANIZED my calling to IHOPKC." -John Elliott

"Our prophetic history has clarified to me many times the heart of Jesus regarding His global prayer movement. Knowing the "what" and the "why" behind this being so precious and dear to Him puts things in perspective. It changed my priorities. As Mike said it, if God gives signs in the heavens to back up prophetic words that have to do with a global purpose, and He invites you to it, then it is important to respond in the way that He leads you." -Soledad Mena

"When I initially studied our prophetic history (2006), it was shocking [to see] that so much of what had been spoken was well established by the Holy Spirit. As I revisited those prophecies with more experiential insight, our prophetic history became very personal, and I saw all of us as belonging to this grand story line—[even] as we [continue to] step into further fulfillment of these promises, including the Truman property, the Arrowhead Stadium event, and the associated Blue Ridge procession, as well as the fact that there are thousands of prayer rooms and intercessors around the planet." -Phil McLeod 

"Our prophetic history is real. It is epic, and I see myself in this prophetic story. It is very personal to me in many ways. Its authenticity has stood the hardest test of all time. The [whole] story is so simple, [but] the [many] stories [within it] have never changed or faded, no matter which different persons have told them. The stories don’t lose their potency—we shall continue to stand!" -Stevetta Dickerson 

"Before we moved to KC, God had given us prophetic experiences regarding Luke 4:18, the Joseph calling, the outpouring of the Spirit on Arrowhead Stadium, and more. The IHOPKC prophetic history confirmed so much of what the Lord had already shown us." -Juliet Canha

"When I first heard our prophetic history in 2009, I was stunned at seeing how much my own life connected [with it]. (My birthday is August 23, the day the rain came in 1983—I wept like a baby when I heard that.) I attended KC '83, which was the only time that Campus Crusade had a national convention. I am certain that these prayers lead to my salvation when I was a junior in college. Thus, I am part of the first fruits." -Nancy Hester


Former IHOPKC Staff Testimonials

"God is an author. It is powerfully satisfying and deeply settling to find our names written in His story. It gives us courage, in the exciting seasons and in the mundane ones, to remember the narrative and our place within it. The prophetic story that God continues to write in the IHOPKC community has plumb-lined our hearts on more than one occasion. Primarily impacting is the fact that the foundational value for prophecy itself is now a core part of who we are and, more personally, the word about “songbirds” has sustained and encouraged my wife Grace through many seasons. We love our IHOPKC family and continue to champion and contend for the fullness of God and the fulfillment of every promise, together." -Brian and Grace Kim

"I was blessed to be in the story line from the very beginning in 1983, from the very night the prophetic words of God raising up a 24/7 house of prayer were spoken. Those words marked me, as if they were engraved upon my heart. Our prophetic history called me high and upwards to stay steady, unoffended through every season of good or hard; favor or no favor; promotion or demotion—through it all, I could not quit. I was continually called back—not by man, but by God. The Lord's prophetic words to us hooked my heart forever for the higher purposes of God—no matter the season. And now in 2019, though living in California, the prophetic story line is still being fulfilled in us as we build up the house of prayer in Santa Maria, Ca. I love this prophetic story line in God, and I love my history in God, and I love Mike and Diane Bickle." -Julie Meyer

"The first time I heard the prophetic history of IHOPKC, I felt like I was hearing my native tongue for the first time. I recognized the prophetic story was not only a story about Mike Bickle or IHOPKC, it was my story. My life changed when I realized that Isaiah 62:6–7 wasn’t about someone else, it was about me. The same prophetic stories that originally encouraged Mike to build the house of prayer in Kansas City have been a massive encouragement for me to build the house of prayer in Atlanta and the nations of the earth." -Billy Humphrey

"When I felt the Lord was leading me to move to KC, I began listening to the twelve-part prophetic history given in 2002. There were several segments where I was weeping while being filled powerfully by the Spirit. The prophetic history confirmed and empowered me as I served the Lord at IHOPKC. I continue to be encouraged by this prophetic story line as me and my family serve the Lord in Taiwan." -Jess Shao

"IHOPKC’s prophetic history is my family story line. It’s a vital part of my ongoing dialogue with the Spirit about my family prophetic history, my own personal history in God, and God’s narrative from the Word of God. Our prophetic history helps me to encourage others as they’re discovering their place in our family story." -Jon Boegl

"The prophetic history energized me as I gave many years to seek and serve Jesus in night-and-day prayer in KC, and it continues to encourage me to seek to live with a forerunner spirit in serving Jesus in the Northeast. God has a plan to prepare the earth for the return of His Son. To any who are a part of the IHOPKC family, even in the most casual of ways in Kansas City or in the nations: it’s vital for you to be refreshed and reenvisioned by what God has said and how God confirmed what He said He would do." -Zack Hensley

"The prophetic history was so encouraging and so strengthening to us. It was a large confirmation of what we had already felt the Lord showing us personally. Hearing the accompanying signs and wonders and knowing that this was about His larger global purposes orchestrated by God Himself, it gave us clarity, courage, and strength to abandon a casual Christian lifestyle and pursue His fullness in context to His global worship and prayer movement embraced by many different ministries." -Ryan Meegan


IHOPKC Family and Friends Testimonials

For over ten years I’ve listened to the prophetic history a couple times a year because of its profound impact to keep me steady in our calling as a house of prayer in Dallas and to engage in the Lord's larger global story. We’re heading into our 15th year of daily prayer meetings, and I can’t imagine how we would have sustained all these years without deep conviction that what we are doing is bigger than our little house of prayer. I believe that God gave these testimonies to the prayer movement to help keep all of us steady in the rigors of the race, not merely to IHOPKC." -Brad Stroup

"Other than the Scriptures, there are few things that have impacted me as deeply as IHOPKC's prophetic history. It has been a source of profound clarity and strength to not quit in my journey of wholehearted obedience to Jesus. These are more than stories. This prophetic story line is a personal invitation to faith and prayer that shapes history!" -David Bradshaw

"The astonishing prophetic history of IHOPKC served as a major confirmation of what the Lord was speaking to us about the spirit of the tabernacle of David, starting a house of prayer, and raising up prophetic singers and musicians to sit at the feet of Jesus since He is so worthy of perpetual adoration, and in addition, we are invited to partner with Him in corporate intercession for the release of His purposes. The prophetic history gave us words for what we were dreaming as a family who shared a similar vision. It was the catalyst to help us launch out to do what God's put deep in our hearts. We clearly see ourselves as part of this prophetic story line." -Patricia Bootsma

"I have often listened to the prophetic history of IHOPKC since the early 2000s. It has been a constant source of encouragement in helping us fulfill the Lord’s mandate for us to build a house of prayer missions base in New Jersey. When I first heard it, I saw it only as “the KC story”; but now, after laboring in NJ for 15 years, it has become OUR story, and it continues to give us a greater perspective of God's global plans, knowing that all of our prayers are going in the same golden bowl. And it matters!" -Gary De Pasquale

 "Through the IHOPKC prophetic history God began to show us some details on how His people would participate in the unfolding of His end-time plan. It has strengthen us in our destiny to partner with Jesus, our glorious King. Connecting to our prophetic history has awakened a hope of victory and a fresh zeal to overcome as real soldiers in a truly meaningful battle to bring about the culmination of all things." -Stephen Magnuson

"I heard the prophetic history of IHOPKC nearly 20 years ago. It is no exaggeration to say that the teaching and testimonies on these twelve CDs totally wrecked me and completely changed my life with regard to what it means to be a Christian. Learning what God did at IHOPKC and finding out what He is doing in raising up day-and-night prayer all over the world transformed my personal expression and understanding of Christianity. I felt like I discovered for the first time what it really means to be a Christian. I will never be the same." -Jeffrey Jackson

"I am honored to have seen and experienced the “behind the curtain” details of the prophetic history by being a part of the leadership of the young adult church with Mike Bickle from early 1983. It was so shocking, peaceful, and faith building to see the Lord's prophetic activity be supernaturally confirmed in those early years. God is so big. He opened our minds to this small glimpse of His plans and to see His power to control all things. We felt like we were on an escalator learning the things of the Spirit that were totally unknown to us in 1983. God does indeed know every hair on our head, and He does have plans for us (Jer. 29:11)." -Jerry Reardon 

"In February 1983, I was a burned out Christian with very little hope when I wandered into a new church made up mostly of young adults who gathered to pray literally seven nights a week. I remember when Mike Bickle called us to 21-day fast in May 1983, and I heard and saw how the Lord confirmed it in mighty ways. Hope and excitement for the things of God got infused into me then and has never left even to this day." -Louis McGeorge

"After a physical infirmity suffered 27 years ago, I’ve been holding fervently to the Lord’s promise of divine healing. The part of our prophetic history that especially encourages me is the Lord’s promise to visit us in healing power. I and many of my friends in this community hold with strong hope to these assurances from our Lord Jesus." -Bob Sorge

"Our prophetic history gives me a hopeful perspective of what God plans to do in the whole church across the entire Kansas City area and beyond. These words provide the encouraging nudge to keep moving forward, not getting discouraged by small steps today. I am on a journey to the wonderful things God has planned, and I'm staying enlisted." -Todd Kangas

"I live in the UK, yet the prophetic history of IHOPKC has acted like a lodestar for me, a guiding principle, a sure thing. Having seen the early prophecies come to pass in a short time, such as the abortion pill, homosexuals coming out of the closet, watching live streaming from the prayer room on portable devices across Asia and the nations, we can trust for all the other prophecies to come to pass. We live in exciting times!" -Mirabelle Galvin

"The prophetic history has impacted me greatly. I feel like I am a part of the generation which God will use to change the face of Christianity across the whole earth. Part of my destiny is to partner with this prophetic promise and to see it fulfilled with my life. Whenever I feel like I am getting distracted or dull in my passion, I think of IHOPKC’s prophetic history and I get provoked—I do not want to miss out on being a part of that." -Jose Diaz

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