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An Introduction to Prayer and the Prophetic

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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In this foundational three-part series on prayer and the prophetic, Mike Bickle teaches on ways to develop a personal prayer life that can be sustained and enjoyed for years. Sharing practical insights from his personal life, Mike provides tools that will help believers maintain consistency and focus in their prayer life.

Mike outlines principles gleaned from many years of experience with the prophetic ministry. He combines thorough biblical balance with many personal experiences to equip believers to prophesy and to relate in a right way to others who prophesy. This teaching offers guidelines for the operation of prophecy in the lives of individuals, campus ministries, and in the context of a local church family.


3-Part Series from 2010 by Mike Bickle:

01 - How to Develop a Strong Prayer Life

02 - Guidelines for Prophetic Ministry

03 - What the Holy Spirit Is Emphasizing in This Generation

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