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Transformed by the Beauty of God

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  • By: Bickle, Mike
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The biblical vision of the Christian life is a lifestyle of enjoying relationship with God by delighting in His beauty. Jesus not only saves, forgives, and heals, but He fascinates our heart with His beauty. Nothing is more exhilarating! The beauty He possesses is the very beauty that He imparts to His people (Isa. 61:3).

In this 10-part series, Mike Bickle expounds on the revelation of God to the human spirit and how it is superior to every other pleasure in life. God’s greatest answer to our deep desire for fascination is the unveiling of the beauty of Christ Jesus. Mike presents a theology of the beauty of God, teaching on His beauty in creation, redemption, His leadership over the nations, and even the way He designed humans to interact.

Transformation occurs and lives are changed when God’s people see His beauty. Isaiah prophesied of people who will delight in God’s beauty, resulting in stability, joy, and strength (Isa. 33:6, 17).

10-Part series from 2016:

  • 01 - Transformed by Delighting in God's Beauty
  • 02 - Cultivating a Life That God Calls Beautiful (Mt. 13)
  • 03 - The Beauty of God in the Life of a Believer (Ps. 90,17)
  • 04 - Delighting in God's Beauty (Song 1,16)
  • 05 - The Excellency of Christ (Song 5,10-16)
  • 06 - The Beauty of the Bride (Song 1,15; 4,7)
  • 07 - God_s Throne- The Beauty of God (Rev. 4)
  • 08 - Jesus Is Worthy- The 7-fold Beauty of His Leadership (Rev. 5,12)
  • 09 - The Beauty of Jesus: Son of Man, Prophet, Priest, and King (Rev. 1:10-20)
  • 10 - The Beauty of Jesus and the Thunder of God's Love (Job 26,5-14)

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