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Here Is My Worship

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  • By: Thomas, Jaye
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Jaye Thomas has been a household name among the International House of Prayer community since moving to Kansas City in 2008. Thomas is well known for his many original songs that have been featured on various Forerunner Music compilations and Onething Live albums, such as “We Make Room,” and “We Love Your Name.” He also has many popular co-writes with Cory Asbury, such as “Shekinah,” and “Holy Ghost Party.” Through his leadership in worship and excellence in music, Thomas follows in the footsteps of a long line of ministers in his family, as well as those of his great-aunt and renowned blues legend, Nina Simone.

Here Is My Worship is Thomas’ first full-length album since his debut effort, PRAY, released while he was serving as a worship pastor at a church in North Florida, fresh from a season of studying jazz at Duke University. Here Is My Worship is a collection of heartfelt gospel and worship songs recorded live at the International House of Prayer’s Onething 2012 and 2013 conferences. Accompanying Thomas’ powerful vocals on every track is The Cry, a dynamic vocal ensemble which has also featured on two of his singles, “Higher,” and “Standing,” and on multiple Onething Live albums.

Here Is My Worship begins with a rendition of the classic, “O Come, Let Us Adore Him,” in which Thomas’ phenomenal vocal talent is immediately obvious, then flows seamlessly into the soaring, anthemic “Come, Holy Spirit,” a prophetic invitation led by Thomas; “Come, Holy Spirit, we have need of You // Oh, how we long for you!”

“Treasure,” another of the album’s stand-out tracks, features compelling vocal rhythms and melodies and really shines in its musically intricate bridge—superb instrumentation from a highly energetic group which includes two former touring members of the Eddie James Band: keyboardist Marlon Robertson and drummer Richard Town. These names are joined by famed mix engineer Noel Hall, known for his years of work with Fred Hammond as musical director, among other roles.

“Clean” takes its inspiration from Jude 1:24, an earnest cry to be made holy before the eyes of the Lord and presented faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy. “Praise Adonai” finds the band at its most animated as Thomas and The Cry express their longing for the return of Jesus, singing, “this is the heartbeat of heaven, this is the cry of the nations, we hear the Spirit, and we are the Bride saying, ‘Come, Lord Jesus!’”

The album bows out with “O Lord, You’re Beautiful,” a moving and highly nostalgic song of adoration by Keith Green, and the album-closer, “We Won’t Stop,” in which Thomas and The Cry declare in tandem with thousands of worshipers, “We won’t stop ‘til we have more!”

Track Listing:

  1. O Come, Let Us Adore Him / Come, Holy Spirit
  2. Agnus Dei / Exalt the Lord
  3. Treasure
  4. Clean
  5. How Long / Praise Adonai
  6. Holy Is the Lord
  7. Fill Me
  8. Simple Song
  9. We Make Room
  10. Here Is My Worship
  11. O Lord, You’re Beautiful / Let Me See Your Face
  12. We Won’t Stop (feat. Corey Russell)

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