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Son of Perdition (Chronicles of Brothers: Volume 3)

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  • By: Alec, Wendy
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  • SKU: 9780956333018


The eagerly anticipated third novel in the Chronicles of Brothers series of novels. Forty years pass. It is the year 2021. Three brothers Jason, Adrian and Nick De Vere Media Tycoon, President of the European Union and Archaeologist playboy, rise in the world of men. The third world war has just ended. The Ishtar accord a seven year denuclearization treaty between Russia, the pan Arab union and Israel will be signed on January 7, 2022. A UN peacekeeping force occupies temple mount and Israel s boundaries. Solomon's temple will be rebuilt in the Northern quadrant. The Ark of the Covenant is discovered. Now the Son of Perdition comes forth to rule.



490 pages

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