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The Fall of Lucifer (Chronicles of Brothers: Volume One) Paperback

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  • By: Alec, Wendy
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The Fall of Lucifer, the first book in the Chronicles of Brothers Series.This second edition is completely uncut and is just as the author imagined this epic struggle would be. Fans of the first edition will find a large amount of new content that was previously edited out. A sweeping epic of origins and mysteries, The Fall of Lucifer tells a tale older than the universe itself. It is set in opulent palaces and frightening, hell worlds. This is a timeless saga of doubt, demons and angelic warriors, of obsessive love and treason, and an ancient evil that knows no bounds. Soon the universe itself will be rocked by war between three angelic brothers for the greatest prize in the universe. It will be a war for the race of man.



296 pages

ISBN: 9780955237775

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