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Who Do You Say I Am?

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Pas Neos’ sophomore release, Who Do You Say I Am?, is a journey through successive events in the life of Jesus as detailed in the gospel accounts, undergirded by pulsing, synth-tinged indie rock. Recounted from a range of perspectives, including those of Jesus, the disciples, and the thief on the cross, the album insightfully conveys differing opinions concerning the Son of Man.

The themes of hope and joy energetically run throughout, mixed with mourning, wonder, curiosity, and longing. Each song builds a vivid scene that is potent in its ability to stir the listener’s thoughts and emotions, often inspiring new insight on familiar biblical passages.

This album is a refreshing reminder to believers of the weightiness in Peter’s reply to Jesus’ question when he stated, “You are the Christ.” It will surely leave seekers more determined than ever to discover the truth of this answer for themselves.


  1. Follow Me
  2. Chains Come Off
  3. Who Do You Say I Am?
  4. Pharisees (No Sign Will Be Given)
  5. The Joy Set Before Me
  6. The Hour Has Come
  7. Myrrh (Last Prayer)
  8. Thief on a Cross
  9. The Accuser Comes to Judas
  10. Rumors of a Resurrection
  11. The Ascension
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