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Onething Live: All Cry Glory Deluxe Edition

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Recorded during the International House of Prayer of Kansas City’s annual Onething young adult conference last December, Onething Live: All Cry Glory is the 11th live Onething album to date. The album captures the energetic atmosphere and vibrant worship of the conference, while sharing a spirit of unity found amongst the worshipers in attendance.

This year’s album includes an emphasis on spontaneous choruses and songs that the worship teams formed in the moment. It helps to recreate the atmosphere of the vibrant worship at the conference. You can revisit the same powerful worship moments time and time again.

This phenomena, present on other Onething albums but given special emphasis this year, is part of what connects so powerfully with listeners, whether or not they have attended a Onething conference.

  1. No Other Name - Laura Hackett Park
  2. Even When - Brandon Oaks
  3. You Came (Lazarus) - Jonathan & Melissa Helser
  4. You Are the Greatest - David Forlu
  5. Family (Spontaneous) - Jaye Thomas [feat. Laura Hackett Park]
  6. Let My People Dance (Onething Version) - Wallace & Rachel Faagutu
  7. Convinced - Lesley Phillips
  8. Leaning - Justin Rizzo
  9. Out of Zion (Spontaneous) - Chris Tofilon
  10. You Are the Brightest - Jonas Park [feat. Laura Hackett Park & Brandon Hampton]
  11. Surely - Olivia Buckles
  12. I Love the Way You Think (Spontaneous) - Misty Edwards [feat. Katie Reed]
  13. *Here As In Heaven - Laura Hackett Park [feat. Kyl Means]
  14. *Psalm 46 (Lord of Hosts) - Misty Edwards
  15. *Every Nation (Every Soul) - Lauren Alexandria
  16. *Worthy of It All - Lauren Alexandria
  17. *River in the Rock - Audrey Assad
  18. *Storm All Around You (Spontaneous) - Jon Thurlow [feat. Mike Bickle & Todd White]

*Indicates tracks exclusive to the deluxe edition

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