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Knowing God through Fasting

  • By: Towns, Elmer L.
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People fast for many reasons . . . to break an addiction . . . to seek God for healing . . . to discover the answer to a lingering problem . . . and some fast for revival. But the greatest reason to fast is to get to know God intimately and to feed on the Bread of Life. The book in your hands is not an instruction manual on the methods of fasting or on how to pray. Rather, Dr. Elmer Towns describes the spirit of fasting that leads to an intimate knowing of Jesus Christ. He will show you that fasting is:

  • Tasting the goodness of the Lord.
  • Waiting in God's presence to become like Him.
  • Coming to Jesus to enjoy His presence.
  • Drinking from God's presence to get spiritual satisfaction.
  • Learning to discipline yourself even as Jesus did.
  • Growing spiritually into the image of Jesus.
  • Gaining spiritual perception of God's world.
  • Entering God's rest as you know His heart

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