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Fasting As Unto The Lord

  • By: Salmonson, Marilyn
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Empower Your Spirit!  You desire a closer walk with God. It’s important to understand the role that fasting can play in your Christian life. It empowers your spirit man, enhances your prayer life, and helps you focus on your Christian walk.

This comprehensive book by Marilyn Salmonson offers a wealth of information, incorporating scriptural guidelines for fasting with contemporary scientific knowledge on how to physically maximize your fast. Has fasting confused you in the past? Do you feel like you’re not getting results when you fast? Marilyn Salmonson shows the answers to these questions and more:

  • What are the benefits of fasting?
  • What effect does fasting have on my physical body?
  • How did God command us to fast?
  • Why does God require fasting?
  • How should I prepare for a fast?

Don’t settle for an uninspired, lukewarm Christian walk
. Let Fasting as Unto The Lord take your relationship with God to the next level.

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