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Behold, My Servant: God's Vision for Justice

  • By: Greaves, Stuart
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There is a stirring in the earth and a cry for justice emerging from the nations. Injustices such as genocide, human trafficking, racism, and the systemic oppression of the poor are on the rise. But the earth is facing an even greater crisis: there is a famine of the knowledge of God. While false voices abound, offering empty solutions, who is able to proclaim Christ with revelation and authority? We need the knowledge of God—His feelings, His thoughts, and His answer to injustice.    

In this 4-part series, Stuart explains the foundations of a biblical theology of justice. True justice begins by beholding the beauty of the Lord Jesus. This revelation gives the Church fuel for intercession, a message that goes beyond gimmicks and bumper-stickers, and a call to social action that partners with the heart of the Lord Jesus. The Lord is raising up messengers who will behold His Servant, Christ Jesus, and who will experience His burning heart of justice.

Without true voices proclaiming Christ, the church will be distracted by the very politics and humanistic agendas that pave the way for the Antichrist. The church must be equipped to discern the word of the Lord, and to receive the revelation of Christ.

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