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Garments of Glory

  • By: Greaves, Stuart
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God is raising up end-time messengers who will proclaim the beauty of God and prepare the way of the Lord like John the Baptist. In the face of the mounting pressures at the end of the age, these men and women will speak with authority, move in power, and feed the church on the knowledge of God. These messengers must carry the message of God's servant heart. Jesus will be called the ""servant of rulers"" (Isaiah 49:7)  as He sits on His Father's throne during the millennial reign. One of the most arresting scenes in the gospels occurs when Jesus takes on the garment of a servant to wash His disciples' feet, displaying for all mankind the indescribable glory of the Father.    

In this dynamic, 4-part series, Stuart Greaves teaches on the attribute of God's servanthood. He shows that Christ is serving humanity, from healing the sick to judging the earth. The events at the end of the age will confront the earth with the knowledge of God the servant. The servanthood of God will both fuel the hearts of the forerunners and shepherd the hearts of God's people for the Day of the Lord. This message is indispensable for end-time messengers and for the Bride of Christ worldwide.

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