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The Life of Daniel

  • By: Hood, Allen
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In this seven-part series on the life of Daniel, Allen Hood focuses on Daniel’s “palace years”—his time serving in the Babylonian and Persian palaces—as seen in Daniel chapters 1–6. 

Drawing from Daniel's life experiences both in his youth and in later years of his life, Allen addresses how believers, particularly those involved in the workplace, can live with "light, understanding, and wisdom" (Dan. 5:11) and prepare their hearts for the end of the age. 

Understanding the fleeting nature of the kingdom of darkness, gazing on God’s beauty, and meditating on His great love and delight in us will strengthen and prepare our hearts for the deception and darkness of the Antichrist’s coming kingdom.


7-Part series by Allen Hood:

01 - Introduction to Daniel

02 - The Purposed Heart

03 - The Revealer of Mysteries

04 - The Deliverer

05- The King of Heaven

06 - The Proud Shall Be Humbled

07 - Men Must Tremble

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