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The Beauty of the Warrior King

  • By: Greaves, Stuart
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God is raising up end-time messengers who will proclaim the beauty of Christ Jesus in ways as yet untold. This two-part series looks at one of the most fascinating, perplexing and intriguing subjects in the word of God: the beauty of Jesus, the warrior King. In the battle of Armageddon, the kings of the earth will seek to make war with the Lamb (Rev 17:14).

"Who is this in garments stained red?" exclaims the prophet Isaiah as He beholds the beauty of Christ Jesus, the warrior King, who will trample the nations under His feet. The Scripture clearly proclaims that the day of vengeance is in the heart of the King who is both a bridegroom and a man of war (Ex 15:3). He will remove everything that hinders love. After sin has escalated on the earth, God will assemble the wicked in a mounting military campaign to display His terrifying beauty as the warrior King— in praises, doing wonders and glorious in beauty (Ex 15:11).

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