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God's Zeal for Zion

  • By: Sliker, David
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What will the world be talking about tomorrow? At the end of the age, Jerusalem, a city often in the headlines today, will become the focus of the anger of the nations. How will this happen? What is the role of the believer in preparing for this coming trouble? What part does God play in what Jeremiah referred to as "Jacob's Trouble"? These questions and many more are addressed in the book of Zechariah, one of the key prophetic books describing the events that surround the Second Coming of Jesus. 

In this three-part series, David Sliker examines this book and explores the implications of God's great zeal to establish Jerusalem as the earth's premier city. This series is essential for any who desire a greater understanding of the roles of Israel and the church and how they relate to God's stunning plan to transform earth after His return.    David Sliker is a senior leader at the International House of Prayer Missions Base in Kansas City, Missouri, where he lives with his wife, Tracey, and their three children, Riley, Lauren, and Daniel. He is an instructor at the Forerunner School of Ministry, where he teaches classes about the End Times.

3-Part series by David Sliker

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