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Let Me See Your Eyes

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  • By: Asbury, Cory
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Cory Asbury's first solo album Let Me See Your Eyes is a collection of indie-pop songs reflecting Cory's passion to see Jesus more clearly and to feel His presence. Cory's honest lyrics express his heartís cry to know the beauty of Christ. He sings with an ease that invites you to sing along and enjoy the nearness of the Holy Spirit.

The variety of genres on Let Me See Your Eyes makes it unique for a worship album. The heartbeat of the album is a pledge of commitment and devotion to Jesus, poured out through imaginative melodies and instrumental interludes. Many musical styles are expressed in Let Me See Your Eyes, from soul to rap to electro beats. This music is fueled by an unquenchable desire to behold God and be changed into His likeness. The albumís driving rhythms and punctuated vocals create an atmosphere for radical worship, as Cory sings about God's splendor and excellence. Let Me See Your Eyes encourages you to celebrate the goodness of the Lord.


1. Hallelujah (Intro)

2. Jesus, Let Me See Your Eyes

3. Psalm 18

4. Let Me See Your Face

5. Counted the Cost

6. My Beloved

7. Faithful to the End

8. Selah

9. Everything You Do

10. Beautiful Savior

11. Mercy

12. Always Faithful

13. Always Faithful (Spontaneous)

14. Where I Belong

15. Hallelujah

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