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The Sound of War

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  • By: Wood, Luke
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Woven together through artistic melodies and raw lyrics, Luke Wood's album "The Sound of War" is infused with the deep message of Jesus' second coming. Through songs of praise and worship, Luke proclaims the King Christ Jesus, who will return to destroy wickedness and restore righteousness on the earth.

The indie rock sound transcends traditional worship music and leads the listener into a journey of discovering creative love that has no end. Folk undercurrents run through "The Sound of War's" music and vocals. The acoustic piano has a timeless feel and is played hand in hand with powerful electric guitars that give the album a passionate edge. Luke's intimate lyrics express his deep longing for God and his desire to know Jesus. Capturing the theme of Christ's return, Luke sings the Word of God by describing the warring King Jesus who will ride victoriously through the earth. His music encourages the Bride of Christ to partner with the Spirit of God and cry, "Come!"

Prophetic stories are painted throughout the album, combined with honest anthems about receiving the love of Jesus. "Ezekiel" a fierce song with driving music and roaring electric guitars, describes the vision the prophet Ezekiel saw of the glory and majesty of the King on His throne. In "upside Down" Luke's poetic lyrics cry out for God to align our hearts with His will. A more personal song, "Real Love" is an intimate ballad asking Jesus to fill us with true and deep love. "At the Name of Jesus" is an unplugged song that draws worship out of listeners' hearts with Luke's powerful vocals and acoustic guitar. "The Sound of War" is an album that will give listeners a taste of the divine nature of the coming King.

Track List:

1. Day of the Lord

2. Be Exalted

3. Ezekiel 1

4. King and Priest

5. Shelter

6. Upside Down

7. Real Love

8. Hosea

9. Lamb Upon the Throne

10. Jesus, My Lord

11. Faithful Affliction

12. Let Us Run

13. At the Name of Jesus

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