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Before Our Kingdom: Melody of the Lyre

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Track listing for "Melody Of The Lyre",1. Voices ,2. New As The Dawn ,3. The Direction Of Dust ,4. A Garden To Grow ,5. Daniel And The Den ,6. No Way To Live ,7. To Err Is Human, To Repent Is Righteousness ,8. Planting Shepherds ,9. The Sieve: Darkness From Light ,10. Blood Covenant ,11. The Mountains Of Ararat ,12. Change Me, O God ,,Before Our Kingdom is at this time composed solely of David Gelle (co-founder, vocals, guitars, keys, percussion, programming, and whatever else he chances to play). It was co-founded with Peter Greenwood (guitars, backing vocals) who respectfully bowed out with David's consent for reason of other conflicting ministerial responsibilities at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. David and Peter largely began treading their musical trajectory as members in the band Rekt and Renewed with some friends back in 2005 in the town of Princeton, Minnesota. The band members parted ways when God called David to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City shortly after his graduation from high school in 2007. God's call contradicted David's previous personal plans, however, we know that the only reason God ever asks us to do anything is because He knows it will work for both our benefit and for the benefit of His Kingdom. David acknowledged this with a willing heart and relocated to Kansas City. Peter was called to the same locale about a year later where Before Our Kingdom was founded in a townhouse basement. There they commenced what God began to birth in their hearts: the vision of a musical camaraderie which exalted God and God alone, that carried a heart for the youth of this generation to see and encounter God as He really is and His deep affection expressed to them through Jesus Christ. David now continues to carry that vision while Peter still supports it with whatever resources he has available. Before Our Kingdom recently recorded their debut album entitled, Melody of the Lyre. The album was released June 5th of 2012.

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