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A Life Less Lived

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  • By: Watkins, Liz
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“I want you to know that there is nothing bad and ugly that happens in your life, that Love cannot turn into something beautiful.” Young, pregnant, abused, and alone in the darkness of the LA acting scene, Poppy hears these words from an old woman who presses a porcelain butterfly into her hand as Poppy stands outside a clinic. She’s on the brink of a decision: to pursue her career or to take a chance on raising a child. Can she bear keeping her child and returning to Wyoming a failure? Is there another way?  

Years after this fateful day, a beautiful young woman called Sarah remembers a time when she battled for her very life. As she lives through her memories anew, it is clear that in the midst of her illness she was destined by her Creator to touch and change many others’ lives, Poppy’s included… a butterfly effect God had planned from her conception. She remembers the way she entwined herself deeply into the hearts of those around her, but wonders, where are they now?  

Life Less Lived is a story that reveals God’s heart and desire of a destiny for every child conceived. Author Liz Watkins, once herself an unwed pregnant teenager, speaks from experience about the fear of an unknown future when you discover you are alone and pregnant. Dealing with issues like abuse, abortion, and illness, this story will help bring healing and comfort to readers who have been in these difficult situations, and understanding to those who have not.


264 pages

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