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Davi - The Boy with the Heart of a King

  • By: Parks, Seth
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  • SKU: 9781735875200


Join Davi as he learns to run to God and make good choices even when it's hard.

Rain or shine, lion or bear, young David of the Bible was entrusted with the difficult job of caring for the family sheep. But soon David felt his heart growing inside. This is a fresh, whimsical tale of what gave David the brave heart he needed to not only defeat Goliath, but to become one of the most loved kings of Israel. Join in the journey of being kind even when others aren't, living with conviction even when we're misunderstood, making good choices even when no one else notices.

God saw Davi’s heart when out tending the sheep.

God heard what he prayed before falling asleep.

God knew every promise young Davi would keep . . .

And said, “He has a heart like Mine.”

If you are a parent, a grandparent, a teacher or friend looking for a fun read-aloud picture book filled with humor and beauty, inspiration and truth, you’ll want this for the children you love. It’s a perfect gift for anyone looking to face life together with God.


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