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Glad Heart Series for Ages 1-2 Quarter 2- Jesus, Son of God

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The Glad Heart Series for ages 1-2 employs visual and tactile materials and songs set to familiar tunes to capture the attention of young children and teach them God’s Word.  The same material is presented each week for 13 weeks, as very young children need repetition and review to master new vocabulary words and ideas.  Craft templates and instructions are provided for creating a unique craft each week, which reinforces the objectives of the lesson.


Quarter 2: Jesus, Son of God presents the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to 1- and 2-year-olds using words and concepts they can understand. The message of the gospel is applied personally to each young heart, and the children will experience the extravagant love of the Father in John 3:16.  


I.  Physical, Emotional and Social Development goals

A. Physical
1. Sensory – the curriculum employs the use of all five senses through three-dimensional visuals.
2. Self-control and sitting still - as they sit at a table for a 20-minute period during the lesson while visuals and songs keep their attention.
3. New words and ideas about Jesus, associated with concepts they can understand, including words like ‘gentle’ and ‘owie’
4. Fine motor skills/Coordination – each lesson has a craft designed specifically for this age group
B. Emotional
1. Identity in relationship to God
2. Wholeheartedness is pleasing to Jesus
C. Social
1. Sharing and patience as children take turns and watch other children manipulate or experience the visuals.
2. Nurturing relationship develops between adults and the children, in which the children learn that adults teach them good things about God.

II.  Knowledge Goals: Philippians 1:9-11

A. God
1.  God loves them and wants to them to be with Him
2.  God gave His only Son, Jesus, to make a way for them to be with Him
B. Jesus
1. Jesus came as a baby, fully God and fully man.
2. Jesus was sent to give light to a dark world.
3. It is only through Jesus that we are saved and can have eternal life. Jesus is the only way to salvation.
4. To love Jesus is to give Him everything like Mary of Bethany.
5. Jesus healed the blind man.
6. Jesus did not deserve death but He took all of our sickness and sin at the cross for us.
7. He is the Lamb of God.
8. They mocked Him yet He was silent.
9. They pounded nails in His hands and nailed Him to the cross.
10. Everything was finished at the cross. Jesus took it all.
11. They pierced His side with a sword, and water and blood came out just like was prophesied.
12. He was dead, buried, and rose again the third day.
13. Jesus is Alive!
14. Jesus is the only way that our hearts can be made clean. His blood washes our hearts clean when we let Him. We cannot do it on our own.
15. Jesus loves little children.
C. Holy Spirit - through Holy Spirit, Jesus can live inside us. He is always by us.
D. Church
1. Church is a safe and fun place to learn about God and Jesus
2. Church is a place to see friends and sing songs

III. Scripture Goals: John 3:29

A. Matthew 1:23
B. John 3:16
C. John 8:12
D. John 12:3
E. John 9:6 & 7
F. John 1:29
G. John 19:34
H. Isaiah 49:16
I. Isaiah 53:4, 5
J.  Mark 16:6
K. Revelation 1:5
L. 1 John 3:1
M. Mark 10:14, 16

IV. Skill Goals: Col 1:9-11

A. Prayer – through learning about Jesus and His extravagant love for them, children learn to trust Him and come to Him in prayer as they would their own parents
B. Worship – spontaneous worship results from learning about Jesus and His extravagant love for them and for everyone
C. Great Commission Evangelism – children learn Jesus loves all and died on the cross for the whole world, so they begin to see all people as needing Him
V. Family and Friendship Goals:
A. About their Parents/Siblings – Jesus gives little children to their parents to train up in the way they should go.  Parents and siblings need Jesus for salvation.
B. About their Peers/Others - Jesus loves and died on the cross for everyone.

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