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My Brother's Keeper: The Surprising Story of a Modern-Day Martyr

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  • By: Riddering, Jeff
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  • SKU: 9781726634809


"Jeff, I'm going to hell!" So begins the incredible, true story, told by the brother of an unlikely hero, Mike Riddering. A divine series of interruptions, his unexpected conversion and simple obedience carried Mike, his wife, and two daughters, from the fast-paced, Florida, yacht broker lifestyle to the dry, desert heat of Sub-Saharan Africa. My Brother's Keeper is the triumphant story of a man so profoundly transformed by love and faith that the rest of his life would be given to the poorest of the poor in Burkina Faso. It is the story of a modern-day martyr whose life was cut short in a brutal terrorist attack that shocked the nation. An enduring legacy of love-driven global missions speaks directly to the headlines of our day: racism, terrorism, hatred, riots, political divisions, war. Mike's life and death whisper in the midst of rage and retribution the power of love to cover a multitude of sins. In the end, what Mike gave—even to the point of his final sacrifice—can never be taken away. What remains is not the death of a saint, but the life of a servant. My Brother's Keeper will inspire and challenge you to take your place in the great story of God in these final days of history.

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