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Son of Man: The Apostles' Gospel - Vol. 2

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  • By: Whitefield, Samuel
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What is the message that turned the world upside down?In the first volume, we discovered Jesus referenced Daniel 7 more than any other passage. He used Son of Man as His primary title, and He used Daniel 7 as a concise summary of the gospel of the kingdom. We found that, if we miss the way Jesus used this one chapter, we can easily misinterpret His message. Furthermore, many of His statements become confusing.This raises a profound question: Did the apostles continue to use Daniel 7 as a foundation for their gospel?When we examine the New Testament carefully, we find something surprising: Daniel 7 was a framework the apostles repeatedly used to present the gospel of the kingdom. The main themes of the New Testament gospel are all found in this one Old Testament chapter.We have reduced the gospel to an individual decision to receive Jesus. This is part of the gospel, but it is incomplete. It is not the message the apostles died for. It is time to rediscover the apostles’ gospel so we can boldly proclaim the same gospel they carried. Come, view the apostles’ gospel through the lens of Daniel 7, and rediscover the message that turned the world upside down.


231 pages


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