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The Nations Rage

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  • By: Sliker, David
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While the spiritual atmosphere grows more toxic and the world becomes more anti-God, Christians are engaging less and less with their faith in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. We do not have to fear the future. But we must not be surprised by it or be unprepared to face it.

In this insightful book, David Sliker helps readers understand and prepare for a future filled with glory and victory for the church, unfolding in the context of unprecedented rage, rebellion, and resistance by the world around us. Full of practical application, this book connects readers to the current storm that is upon us, contextualizing today's news, current events, and cultural narratives through the lens of biblical prophecy and the return of Jesus.

The greatest days of the church lie ahead. We can stand strong, persevere, and overcome in these days!


238 pages


ISBN: 9780800761929

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