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Revelation: 10 Week Bible: A 10 week guide for group and personal study

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  • By: Hibbs, Darren
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  • SKU: 9780988919501


Revelation is often thought of as the most difficult book in the Bible to understand. Through thought-provoking questions, insightful commentary and a reading plan to "get it in you," this 10 Week Bible study will transform how you look at Revelation.

Revelation is the only book of the Bible with an explicit blessing for those who read, hear and keep the words within. Through this study you'll learn how to "keep" the message of Revelation close to your heart.

In 10 weeks you'll learn why Revelation not only defines your eternity but how it should shape your present. These 10 weeks really will transform how you look at Revelation!


Bible studies can be a challenge. They're hard to keep people engaged in long enough to finish and often people feel intimidated by their lack of Bible knowledge. The 10 Week Bible study eliminates those concerns. At 10 weeks, you'll find it's the perfect length to gain a greater understanding of God's Word one book at a time.

And with things like thought-provoking questions, helpful commentary and valuable leader's tools, you'll find yourself digging into God's Word like never before.

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