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Glad Heart Series for Ages 1-2 Quarter 3: Holy Spirit and Prayer


The Glad Heart Series for ages 1-2 employs visual and tactile materials and songs set to familiar tunes to capture the attention of young children and teach them God’s Word.  The same material is presented each week for 13 weeks, as very young children need repetition and review to master new vocabulary words and ideas.  Craft templates and instructions are provided for creating a unique craft each week, which reinforces the objectives of the lesson.


Quarter 3: Holy Spirit and Prayer introduces children to the Third Person of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit’s roles are covered, and children will understand that they need Holy Spirit living inside them.  The lesson also begins teaching the value of praying Biblical, apostolic prayers, laying the foundation for dialogue and intimacy with God.  Children will develop a thirst to know Jesus more and a heart for the lost to be saved as they learn prayers from the Bible that they can sing and pray.



A. Physical

1. Sensory – the curriculum employs the use of all five senses through three-dimensional visuals.

2. Self-control and sitting still - as they sit at a table for a 20-minute period during the lesson while visuals and songs keep their attention.

3. New words are introduced and vocabulary is expanded as Biblical words are explained for their understanding

4. Fine motor skills/Coordination – each lesson has a craft designed specifically for this age group

B. Emotional

1. Grow in relationship with Holy Spirit and understanding of Christ’s strength within them to help them do all things

2. Learning about Jesus from God’s Word is fun and safe - as they learn from an adult they trust.

C. Social

1. Unity among fellow believers - understanding Holy Spirit was poured out on all gathered together in unity in Acts 2 

2. Nurturing relationship develops between adults and the children, in which the children learn that adults teach them good things about God.


A. God

1. God is Father

2. We have access to God through Holy Spirit

3. God freely gives Holy Spirit to those who ask

B. Jesus - We can grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus

C. Holy Spirit

1. Holy Spirit is the Helper. You cannot see Him, but you can feel Him and see the effects of Him. He will be with us, and we can have Him dwell inside of us.

2. Holy Spirit teaches us through the Bible and fills us up so we can then pour out onto others.

3. Holy Spirit teaches that God loves so much. He will never leave or forsake us.

4. Holy Spirit teaches about the cross.

5. Holy Spirit teaches about our identity as children of God.

6. Holy Spirit writes God’s Word upon our hearts.

7. Holy Spirit opens our eyes so we can see Jesus.

8. Holy Spirit gives us strength inside of us so we can run against a troop and jump over a wall and do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

D. Church

1. God wants to pour out His Spirit in fullness upon His church.

2. Church is a safe and fun place to learn about God and Jesus

3. Church is a place to see friends and sing songs


A. John 14:16, 17

B. John 14:26

C. Phil 1:9

D. Eph 1:17, 18

E. Eph 3:16

F. Eph 3:18, 19

G. Col 1:10, 11

H. 2 Thes 3:1, 5 

I. Acts 4:31

J. Acts 2:17


A. Prayer

1. Learning the prayers of the Bibles, they can have a picture of how to pray. 

2. Learning that prayers can have physical answers. 

3. Increasing faith that God is listening to their prayers.

B. Worship - spontaneous worship results from learning about Holy Spirit and realization that God answers prayers

C. Great Commission Evangelism – prayers the children will learn are practically applied as the children pray for the Word of the Lord to run swiftly to other nations


A. About their Parents/Siblings – prayers the children will learn are practically applied as the children pray for mom, dad, brother, sister

B. About their Peers/Others – prayers the children will learn are practically applied as the children pray for others


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