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Dope to Hope

  • By: Stribling, Lisa Bickle
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For anyone who has ever gone through a difficult trial, This 2-part CD is for you! Lisa Bickle Striblingwas a drug dealer, a hardened junky whos actions sent her to prison. In Liesa's journey, She came to the outer edge of hell but lives to tell about it. Though her story of great adversity was extremely trying, through it God taught her how to endure, to not quit! Lisa teaches us the Biblical meaning of what it means to take a stand from Ephesans6, to hold one's ground, wait couragiously, not give up or give in. This story is powerful and life-giving because it will inspire you to stand when giving up seems to be your only choice. This inspirational message shows us throwing in the towel is not an option. 

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