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Unwavering Women's Gathering 2017

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Unwavering Women's Conference: In a time of uncertainty and change, when distraction, fear, and shame become constant temptations, God is calling forth women of unwavering faith—women who stand steady, anchored in Christ, who operate in the power of the Holy Spirit and face the future confident in the love of the Father. We welcome you to join with us this coming spring in Kansas City, as we join with women of like heart from around the country and the nations, to seek the face of God together, encounter the Holy Spirit, and go out empowered and encouraged.

This series contains 12 MP3 teachings from the conference:

  1. Session 01 - Mar. 30th 2pm - Dana Candler
  2. Session 02 - Mar. 30th 6pm - Lisa Bevere
  3. Session 03 - Mar. 31st 9am - Mike & Diane Bickle, Allen Hood, and Dana Candler
  4. Session 04a - Mar. 31st 2pm - Jennifer Roberts
  5. Session 04b - Mar. 31st 2pm - Tracey Sliker
  6. Session 04c - Mar. 31st 2pm - Rachel Faagutu
  7. Session 05 - Mar. 31st 6pm - Diane Bickle
  8. Session 06 - Apr. 1st 9am - Nayomi Thomas
  9. Session 07a - Apr. 1st 2pm - Tracey Bickle
  10. Session 07b - Apr. 1st 2pm - Anna Blanc and Kinsey Thurlow
  11. Session 07c - Apr. 1st 2pm - Gabrielle Nunez
  12. Session 08 - Apr. 1st 6pm - Heidi Baker

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