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Passion for Jesus 2013 Conference Media

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Passion for Jesus Conference: It is our destiny to live in intimate relationship with God, knowing the depth and delight of being loved by Jesus, our Bridegroom God and, in turn, loving Him with all our hearts. Yet many of us feel that our experience is far from this. Come receive practical instruction and impartation from the Spirit, who empowers the Church to love God wholeheartedly. No matter how weak or strong you feel, regardless of your previous failures, irrespective of your personality, you can be ablaze with passion for Jesus. The Holy Spirit is restoring the first and great commandment to first place in the Body of Christ.


The digital download of this series contains 7 MP3 teachings from the conference:

  1. Session 01 - Spiritual Hunger - Apr. 11th 2pm - Corey Russell
  2. Session 02 - Beholding the Father's Love - Apr. 11th 6pm - Mike Bickle
  3. Session 03 - Get Up - Apr. 12th 9am - Chuck Metteer
  4. Session 04 - You Shall See Heavens Open - Apr. 12th 6pm - Allen Hood
  5. Session 05 - The Spirit and the Bride Say Come!: Drinking from the Fountains of His Delight - Apr. 13th 9am - Stuart Greaves
  6. Session 06 - Loving God in the Age of Faith - Apr. 13th 2pm - Deborah Hiebert
  7. Session 07 - Loving Jesus: The First Commandment in First Place - Apr. 13th 6pm - Mike Bickle

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