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Fascinate 2012 Conference Media

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Fascinate High School Conference - Calling Youth to Fascination with Jesus:

One of the deepest longings of our hearts is to know who we are and where we are going. In the face of increasing pressure, the Holy Spirit is looking to speak powerfully to youth worldwide and set them apart for His purpose. He knows who we are. He enjoys bringing us into our destiny. We can receive authority to heal the sick, prophesy to the lost, and contend for our generation to be fascinated with Jesus and His glory. Come join us this year as we reach together for identity and vision from the Lord for the the days to come.

Fascinate is our high school conference, where our goal is to connect teenagers to Jesus. We want to see teenagers, youth leaders, and parents from all over the nation encounter God and His love, start and lead prayer meetings, and grow in the power of the Holy Spirit. Only Jesus can satisfy the longings we all have for love, pleasure, and impact.

This annual high school conference is for a generation of young people who desire to live radical lives of devotion to Jesus, encounter His love, and bring His power and presence to our campuses and local churches.

The Fascinate 1 series from June 21-23, 2012 contains 8 MP3 teachings from the conference:

  1. Session 01 - Knowing Who We Are by Knowing Who Jesus Is - Jun. 21st 2pm - Zack Hensley
  2. Session 02 - The Apostle John: His Three-fold Spiritual Identity (Jn. 21:20) - Jun. 21st 6pm - Mike Bickle
  3. Session 03 - Heaven on Earth: An Overview of the Millenial Kingdom - Jun. 22nd 10am - Mike Bickle
  4. Session 04 - Becoming Forerunner Messengers (Matthew 11) - Jun. 22nd 2pm - Misty Edwards
  5. Session 05 - Living Fascinated in the Pleasures of Loving God - Jun. 22nd 6pm - Allen Hood
  6. Session 06 - Let Me Tell You Why You Exist - Jun. 23d 10am - Shelley Hundley
  7. Session 07 - Embracing Holiness to See and Experience God - Jun. 23rd 2pm - David Sliker
  8. Session 08 - From Echos to Voices - Jun. 23rd 6pm - Corey Russell

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